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Saturday, January 23, 2016

1 Year & 2 Weeks Since My 2nd FUE Surgery

I've been corresponding with guys on the Hair Transplant Network site and you often read debates whether to go with strip (FUT) surgery or FUE.  The FUT advocates apparently don't mind having an 8 inch linear scar across the back of their head... forever.  The scar would be very obvious to see if someone decided to cut their hair very short now or later in life.  With FUE you have NO discernible scarring to speak of.  Dr. Vories used a tiny 0.8mm punch to remove the grafts. The micro-scarring is so small it's literally unnoticeable from 3 feet away.  This picture shows the left side of my head just prior to my second surgery.  Remember, I had over 5,000 grafts removed in 2012.  So...I would expect that 1,750 or more came from this area.  The picture on the right shows the typical scar from an FUT surgery.  When the hair grows out it should hide the scar but I had no interest in having any scar or having a big slice of my scalp removed and sutured back together.  That's why it was an easy decision for me to have FUE surgery.

FUT Scar

FUE (No visible scarring)

Monday, January 4, 2016

51 Weeks Since My 2nd FUE Hair Transplant


Thank you so much for visiting my blog over the past three years!  I sure hope you continue to visit and many of you thinking about having surgery will be inspired to do so this year!  Always feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.  I can be reached at

I hope everyone viewing my blog has a wonderful new year with plenty of new hair growth!  Today I'm posting a picture taken New Year's Eve 2012 prior to my first surgery.  Michele always looks fabulous but I think you may agree, I look a bit younger in the most recent photo taken a few days ago on New Year's Eve at the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky!

New Year's 2012

New Year's 2015