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Monday, May 26, 2014

1 Year & 38 Weeks Since My FUE Hair Transplant

Today is Memorial Day and I would like to thank all veterans for their service to our country, including my 83 year old dad who served during the Korean War.

For this post, I would like to step back and remind you what I looked like the day of the surgery in September, 2012.  Dr. Vories made this video minutes before starting my surgery.  You can see the great transformation in the other picture that NeoGraft uses for their national website.  NeoGraft created the machine that extracted my grafts and is still using my before and after photos as a banner on their website.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

1 Year & 35 Weeks Since My FUE Hair Transplant

Today I'm posting a couple of new pictures.  Everyone in the pictures are Eastern Kentucky University graduates....including Dr. Vories!  He went on to the University of Kentucky Medical School and became a physician in Eastern Kentucky before becoming a prominent hair transplant surgeon.  The other person is Robert Bell who is a highly sucessful radio personality and motion picture actor!

The second picture was taken of Dr. Vories and me at the International Hair Restoration Conference in the Bahama's.  I was on display for a room full of hair transplant surgeons.  Everyone was congratulating Dr. Vories on the success of one of the largest single session FUE transplants ever!!!  I was five weeks out of surgery when the picture was taken.