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Sunday, December 23, 2018

3 Years and 42 Weeks since my 2nd FUE Hair Transplant

This is a picture of Michele and me at a recent Opera fund raising event at a restaurant called 8-Up in downtown Louisville.  My hair was a bit wind-blown but at least I have hair!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

3 Years and 40 Weeks since my 2nd FUE Hair Transplant

I'm posting a couple older photos from 2012 showing the start of new growth in my crown area. I often get the question regarding the first sign of new growth.  Of course it's different for every individual but for most it starts about months 3-4. 

This picture was taken 11 weeks and three days after surgery and you can clearly see the tiny new hairs popping through my scalp.  You can also see a pimple in the second picture which is very common after a transplant.  This occurs when new hairs encounter an issue breaking through the surface.  Nature always wins and the hair eventually surfaces.