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Monday, December 3, 2012

11 Wks. & 3 Days - Since Surgery!

We just celebrated Thanksgiving recently and I want to take this opportunity to also say thanks to Dr. Michael Vories at Carolina Hair Surgery for making my hair surgery possible!  I would never do "strip" surgery but Dr. Vories graciously performed a record breaking four day procedure that included 5,125 grafts!  Most doctors would never have attempted such a grand procedure in one session!  I also want to thank NeoGraft for developing the technology that made it possible!  It's an amazing process and the NeoGraft technology contributed to the record breaking procedure! (click on their names above and it will link you to their websites where you can find additional information).

I'm posting some new pictures today! I'm including a previous picture of my crown area taken on November 9th, (25 days ago). I think you can see more evidence of hair growth. I'm also including a very close up picture of the same area. You can plainly see a pimple in the picture. These are typical in-grown hairs from the procedure. I've had lots of pimples but all of them have been very small and inconsequential. The new hair finds its way to the surface and sometimes encounters a blocked path creating a pimple but eventually it breaks through the affected area and reaches the surface.

December 3rd

November 9th

Notice the pimple and new hairs!

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