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Monday, February 25, 2013

23 Weeks since My FUE Hair Transplant

Today I'm showing you a couple of perspective photos of my progress.  The new hair growth is quite obvious.  

I'm still dealing with a few pimples (in-grown hairs) now and then.  I would estimate that 90% of the in-grown hairs have occurred in the donor area.  I would have thought the pimples would most often occur in the recipient area because that's where they were implanted and may have trouble breaking through the healed skin.  Most of the pimples are tiny and just a nuisance but some lately have been very deep and sore.  My wife and I call these.....the painful "under-ground" hairs.  The area is quite large and very sore for a while. I'm tempted to squeeze them but I know this is not the best way to handle them because it just causes pain and nothing escapes from the deep pimple. Eventually they seem to be reabsorbed and go away in 5-6 days. patient with this type of pimple and let them go away on their own!

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