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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

3 years and 3 weeks since my 2nd FUE hair transplant

I haven't posted these pictures in a long time.  The first picture was taken at the International Hair Restoration conference (Bahamas) five weeks after my surgery in 2012.  The second picture was at the same conference three years later (Chicago).  The surgeons examining me were amazed at my donor area and potential for another surgery.

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  1. I’m considering having this procedure with Dr Vories. In my consult he suggested I’d need 4000 grafts. It seems like a lot of people who get this done end up having it done again. Do you mind explaining why you had a 2nd FUE? Does a single procedure not hold up for long enough? Or is it more like tattoos, where the recipient just wants more? Also, do you need to use any medical prescriptions or topical treatments after surgery?