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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

7 Weeks and 3 days

I clearly can feel new hairs on the top of my head and my wife confirms it as well!  Prior to the surgery all I could feel was my scalp and a few hairs.  Now, I feel little "prickly" hairs everywhere.  I suppose they could be transplanted hairs but I believe they are new hairs.  

I haven't had a hair cut since the surgery but I'll be getting one soon.  My wife is a hair dresser so that makes it very convenient for me.  The donor area is no longer sensitive when you rub it so I consider it 95% healed at this point.  The recipient area is still a bit numb but Dr. Vories said that will remain for a little while longer.  

I'll post some new pictures soon! 


  1. What advice would give to people still having second thoughts about a hair transplant at this point?

  2. I had many second and third thoughts!!!!!!!!! But now I'm so glad I had it done! Having the surgery without any scarring was the key for me. The other alternative (strip surgery) leaves an ugly scar. Being able to have my hair back, without any scarring made it a "no-brainer" for me!!!!!