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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

6 Weeks & 5 Days! (AUDIO/VIDEO EDITION)

This is the first audio/video I've submitted to my blog but I wanted to give a more candid personal update on the process, my past experience, and my recently trip to the International Hair Surgery convention in the Bahamas. I know I made a lot of hair surgeons very nervous when I overtly expressed that I would never consider strip surgery and would only consider FUE!  I could tell it made some of them uncomfortable but lets be honest.....what is the best procedure for the patient????  Do you want an 8 inch strip of your scalp extracted, dissected then sutured with limited number of harvested grafts?  Or...would you like to move the necessary number of grafts in one procedure to the recipient area with literally no visible scarring what so ever!!!!!  The choice was easy for me!  Enjoy the audio blog and feel free to send me any questions you may have!

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