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Thursday, March 21, 2013

27 Weeks since My FUE Hair Transplant

Today I'm posting a short video with an effort to show how my donor area has recovered with no visible scarring.  My donor area has always look good!  It's not a great video but it does give you some perspective.  Why someone would want the huge scarring created by "strip" surgery is beyond my comprehension.  I know FUE is time consuming for doctors and the profits in relation to time is less, but FUE is the only way to go if your looking out for what's best for the patient.  I have NO visible scarring even after 5,125 grafts were removed and relocated!  This is the first time I have run a comb through my hair in at least 25 years!  I'm still expecting new hair growth and patiently waiting for it to fill in!

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