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Friday, August 15, 2014

1 Year & 49 Weeks since My FUE Hair Transplant


This September it will be two years since I had the 5,000+ graft surgery!  Dr. Vories and I have decided to do a little more surgery!  On September 16th I'm scheduled to have about 2,000 more grafts transplanted.  Most of the grafts are going to fill in part of the front that didn't fill in as well as expected after the first surgery.  I have an area which is not easy to see in most pictures but is evident to me.  I call it the "crescent moon" affect just above my hairline.  Some of those grafts may have dried out too quickly or were transected and didn't grow.  Dr. Vories has since developed a new process has been very successful alleviating that issue.

Today I'm posting a couple of photos Dr. Vories took while we visited in his home town of Carrolton Kentucky about 50 miles from where I live in Louisville.  In the second picture you can see what I call the "crescent moon".  It's only obvious when I bend my head forward.

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