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Sunday, September 24, 2017

2 years & 36 weeks since my 2nd FUE hair transplant

I recently posted this picture on the "Hair Restoration Network" website contributing to a forum thread regarding scarring in the donor area.  I also thought I would share it on my personal website.

I had my first surgery (over 5,000 grafts) in 2012. I had my second surgery about 2 years later. After my head was shaved for the second surgery, Dr. Vories photographed my donor area. Approximately 1,700 grafts were taken from this area with a 0.8 mm punch. I agree that any surgery will produce scarring but I felt like mine was barely discernible and I'm sure no one would notice without it being pointed out to them that surgery had taken place. This is my observation, I'm sure others may see things differently.