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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 35 (October 14th)

Some exciting news I haven't talked about until today.  My wife and I will be attending the International Convention for Hair Surgeons in the Bahamas at Atlantis, the huge resort!  Dr. Vories was asked to bring a patient that would be of interest to this medical community.  Because my case is thought to be the largest FUE process ever completed (5,125 grafts) in one surgical session of four days.....the surgeons want to see my hair and ask me questions about the process and healing. They are sponsoring the entire trip for my wife and I to attend the conference in exchange for two hours of my time during one of the sessions! That's how much they respect Dr. Vories and the work he does!  He said they know the results will be great....they are especially interested in seeing my donor area after such a huge procedure.  I think they will be surprised because after just four weeks, my donor area looks like nothing was ever done to it!  It's pretty amazing when you realize that over 11,000 hairs were removed and you cannot even tell they are gone. 

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