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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 1 (Sept.10, 2012)

On Monday morning I was picked up by the "Hair-Mobile" (see picture). Dr. Vories clinic was absolutely gorgeous and we met in his office right on time.  He examined my hair line and we discussed a plan of action.

He gave me a tour of the facility and I met all of his staff including a Physician Assistant named Morgan that assists with the procedure. 

Dr. Vories examined my head and took extensive pictures and videos of my head.  We also discussed the procedure and took care of the necessary paper work, consent forms, etc.  Dr. Vories was already scheduled to operate on another patient so my work was actually scheduled to begin the next day (Tuesday). He said I had excellent donor hair on the sides and back which in his estimate was about 80+ hairs per square centimeter.  He was hoping for 50 or better so I was a great candidate with great donor hair.  We discussed filling in as much as possible based on what the donor area would provide.  He estimated that we could possibly do 4,000 or more graphs!

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