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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 4 (Sept. 13, 2012)

On Thursday, I was picked up at 7:45am and we started early.  Our goal today was 1,500 graphs!  By lunch time they were all extracted.  Today was a bit different.  I had to lay on my stomach so the doctor could extract from the back of my donor area.  With the light Valium, I slept through most of it.  After lunch we implanted the graphs and the process was complete and right on schedule. I now have 4,025 implanted graphs!  That's roughly 5,000 hairs redistributed in the right places!  I'm really pleased at this point!

Tomorrow should be my final day of surgery with the goal being 1,000 graphs to reach my hair line!  I'm really looking forward to going home to show my wife who is a hair dresser.  I have been able to text her pictures each day!  I sure do miss her and our 4 legged child Paris who is a french poodle.  Yea, it takes a real man to admit his only child is a french poodle!!!!!  She's the way!  Check out the video from Day 4!


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