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Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 14 (Sept. 23rd)

I've been looking forward to today!  FULL SHOWER DAY!  Seems strange to blog about taking a shower but hey....I've been looking forward to this!  I kept the temperature warm when I started washing my head.  I normally take very hot showers.  I was also a bit cautious to let the water pressure hit directly on my first.  I deflected the pressure with my hands.  I continued to use the shampoo Dr. Vories gave me and lathered up my head pretty good.  I could definitely feel the scabbing sloughing off under my fingers.  I was very gentle because my head is so tender and didn't want to force the issue one bit.  I think this is very important. While rinsing, I could feel the little "flecks" of scabbing running into my eyelids.  I know that sounds strange but my closed eyes and eyelids collected lots of tiny residue from my head.  I lathered again and gently massaged my head and rinsed again deflecting the water pressure.

About 30 minutes after the shower, my head was stinging a bit.  Although I was very careful, I do believe that the scabbing under my fingers and hands was sloughing off during the event and I was actually moving the loose scabs over my head.  I could definitely feel this occurring under my hands.  I do believe this irritated my scalp and caused the discomfort after the shower. It was similar to massaging sand particles over my tender head and actually felt that way so please be careful.  I took some ibuprofen and that seemed to be enough.  I didn't need the hydrocodone. Check out the close ups!  Looking pretty good!

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