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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 19 (Sept. 28th)


I know the inevitable must occur.  Dr. Vories made it very clear to me that I would experience what he refers to as "shock-out" of my hair in the recipient area.  That simple means that the transplanted hair will go through an accelerated natural cycle and the newly located hair will most likely fall out.  The good news WILL be replaced with new hair that will continue to grow and will go through a normal growth rate like the rest of the donor area hair that I've had forever!  Keep in mind, the genetics involved in my donor area hair is now the hair on top of my head.  The donor area hair knows that its job is to grow throughout most of your lifetime.  The donor hair doesn't care where it is located and will do the job wherever it is placed.  This is the beauty of the FUE process!  My donor area hair as you can see from previous photos already looks good and will continue to fill in and look better!  We are less than three weeks since starting surgery!  Over 5,000 graphs were removed (averaging 2 hairs per graph) and it already looks quite well. I've got to tell you...I have grown quite fond and attached to my hair on top of my head.  I just wish it would stay ATTACHED to my head!  I know that shock-out will occur.  I just don't want to see....SHOCK AND AWE!!!!!

I'm a retired Biology teacher so the above explanation is based on knowledge gained at Carolina Hair Surgery as well as my own research and personal education.

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