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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 21 (Sept. 30th)


Everything is going quite well. I mentioned yesterday that my donor area is still sensitive and tender.  Nothing uncomfortable but I can feel it.  The opposite is occurring on top of my head in the recipient area.  It actually is still a bit numb!  I know that sounds strange but when I touch the top of my head I can hardly feel it.  Dr. Vories did say that it would take some time before the numbness went away.

I also have something really strange to report!  As you know, I'm a huge golf fan and I've been watching the Ryder Cup this week.  It is so inspiring to see these guys playing golf for their country with NO prize money attached!  How refreshing!  Anyway....I get goose-bumps when I see the crowds cheering and the numerous incredible shots!  This is strange part.......we usually take goose-bumps for granted and they come and go naturally.  Well.....I can FEEL the goose-bumps on top of my head in the recipient area!  It's really strange!  It just sorta tingles and there is a strange sensation going on.  It's actually pretty exciting because I know the errector pili muscles attached to the transplanted hair is functioning  properly!

A mini-science lesson below.

Erector Pili Muscle:  One of the small fan-shaped smooth muscles associated with the base of each hair that contract when the body surface is chilled and erect the hairs, compress an oil gland above each muscle, and produce the appearance of gooseflesh.

Check out the video!  Three weeks out of surgery!!!!

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